In this post, I share one of my many top up shops from Asda in August 2017.

I spent a total of £13.18, which is one my cheapest shops in a while.

Let’s begin with this lovely 4 pack of Asda Baked Beans, which cost 98p. I think Asda’s baked beans are tasty and high quality, especially for the price. I have tried Aldi’s baked beans and personally do not like them as they are a little too watery for my taste.

I was having a bit of a craving for crumpets, so picked up these 6 packs of Asda crumpets, 40p each. They go perfectly with the beans and some cheese 🙂

A chicken stir fry was on the menu for dinner that night, so I picked up 3 packs of egg noodles and a tub of chill & garlic stir fry veg from Asda’s fruit and veg section. I usually pick up 2 packs of egg noodles, but with a family of 6 it’s sometimes a stretch to fully satisfy everyone. 3 packs is more than enough for us. The egg noodles were £3 in total as they’re on offer, and the veg was £1.30.

Some lovely fresh looking garlic for 70p and ginger for 50p

I picked up some hay-lal (halal) chicken thighs for our stir fry from Asda’s halal meat counter manned by Muslim butchers. £2.54 for just over 600g. Our local Asda has recently upgraded the store and the halal meat counter looks lovely and clean 🙂

Asda Smart Price Tuna Chunks in brine for 65p each

Asda Soft White Medium Bread for 50p. Really inexpensive and tastes good enough.

I ‘needed’ a sweet treat and saw these Penguin Cake Crunchies on offer for £1.07. So I P. P. P. Picked up a Penguin 🙂 They were tasty.

Finally I picked up a little treat for myself from the clearance section. This lovely Eastern Fragranced Co. Scented Candle in Pomegranate & Fig, which smells amazing! It was only £1.16, and I can’t wait to use it soon 🙂

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