What To Take For Kids On a Plane | In-Flight Essentials For Children

What To Take For Kids On a Plane | In-Flight Essentials For Children


In this article, I share some essential items to pack for kids when travelling, especially on a plane, to make the journey more pleasant for you and for them. This article should be useful for kids of all ages; however, to give you some context, my eldest is 12 years old and my youngest is 6 years old.

As well as the items in the photos, I will be taking a sandwich which will be purchased on the day of travel, and a drink which will be purchased at the airport once we have checked-in (as drinks purchased outside the airport are not allowed on a flight).

Firstly, you will need some sort of backpack/rucksack to carry all of the goodies for your kids. Make sure it is comfortable, lightweight and non-slippery. I purchased this wonderful rucksack from B&M for £2.99. It is a foldaway rucksack which can be xipped up into a pouch – ideal for travelling.

If you are going somewhere hot, a cap/hat is a must, as well as a pair of shades. It may be hot as soon as you get off the plane, so keep these items in your kids rucksack for easy access. I purchased the cap from Primark for £3, and the shades were also from Primark for only £1. Another essential is sun lotion, and I purchased this wonderful spray on Malibu sun lotion from B&M for £1.29. Remember that any liquids taken as cabin luggage must be 100ml or less. Also, pack some tissues and a foldable water bottle, which takes no room at all and can be filled as and when required.

One of the most important things to pack for your kids is activities, and lots of them. You may want to give your children an iPad or your smartphone, but they will probably get bored or you may want to vary the entertainment. I packed a reading book, colouring book, colouring pencils, a drawing pad, a pen and a small notebook, which should keep the kids occupied for at least an hour. All of these items were purchased from Poundland, either individually or in multi-packs.

Last but definitely not least, snacks. I tried to pack a variety of snacks, and even managed to include a healthy, fruity treat. I packed a bag of mini cheese bakes, Seabrook crisps, Cadbury animal biscuits and a dried fruit pouch, which was only 39p from Aldi. I also packed a small toy, which I purchased from our local South Asian supermarket which sells random, fun toys, and it cost £1.

Hopefully, that should be more than enough to keep you and your children happy on your travels. Don’t forget to have fun wherever you’re going 🙂

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