eBay Price Calculator

eBay Price Calculator

Here is a useful spreadsheet which I created to help calculate how to price items to sell on eBay in order to make a profit.

Click below to download the excel spreadsheet:

A quick breakdown of the columns:

Product: write the name of the item in this column

Style/shade: if the item is a specific style ir shade, write it in this column

Cost Price (£): write the cost price of the item (how much you bought the item for)

Postage Estimate: depending on which courier you use, work out an estimate for the postage or delivery cost for your item once it sells

Packaging Cost: in this column write the cost of packaging, for example, the cost of a padded envelope

Selling Price: write the price that you want to sell your item for in this column (the price that you will be listing your item for)

Final Value Fee: do not change the value in this column. It should automatically be calculated when you specify the selling price. If eBay changes the final value fee, the calculation for this column will need to be changed.

Profit: do not change the value in this column either. The profit will be calculated automatically when you enter values in the other columns. Change the sellig price to increase/decrease the profit

Quantity: write down the quantity of each item that you are selling (just to track your stock)

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