7 Ways To Make Money Online

7 Ways To Make Money Online

In this article, I share 7 ways to make money online.

Whether you are looking to earn some extra income, or want the freedom to work full-time from the comfort of your home or on-the-go, this article should give you some helpful ideas.

No method will give you overnight success, however if you consistently work at something, you will get results.


If you enjoy recording videos, vlogging or sharing your interests/passions, a YouTube channel could be one way for you to earn money online. You can earn money on YouTube by monetising your videos via Google Adsense, which allows adverts to appear on your videos, and you earn a certain amount of money per 1000 views on your channel. Alternatively, you may get sponsored for your videos by brands if you have a substantial following, or you can use affiliate marketing to earn money from your videos.

Don’t worry if you are not a natural in front of the camera…practice makes perfect! Also, you can model your channel on successful channels in your genre – learn from what works.

2) Blogging

You are reading this article on a blog, and blogging is a fun way of earning money online, especially if you enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts and ideas with others.

One of the ways to earn money through your blog is affiliate marketing. For example, Amazon have an affiliate programme called Amazon Associates. If visitors click on an affiliate link and make a purchase using your link, you will receive a percentage of the money made through that purchase.

Another way to make money from your blog is through advertising, either by using Google Adsense or placing adverts directly from companies who want to reach your visitors (especially if you have lots of traffic to your blog).

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and it is really easy to setup and use.

3) Social Media

If you enjoy taking selfies for Instagram, are a pro at Snapchatting or an expert at tweeting, you could turn your social media presence into a nice little earner. Get yourself a substantial following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat and brands will be chasing you to promote their products/services on your social media for a healthy sum of money.

4) Online Surveys

There are genuine opportunities to make money from completing surveys online. They usually just require you to register and complete profile questionnaires so that they can send you relevant surveys. Survey invitations are sent to your email inbox, and you are rewarded with either money or vouchers depending on the survey site. In the UK, some of the genuine sites include Valued OpinionsPanelbase and YouGov.  You won’t be making lots of money straight away – the more you contribute and complete surveys effectively, the more invitations you will receive. Another excellent site is Bzzagent, which allows you to test products for free and you get to keep the products – all you need to do is tell others via social media and have conversations about the products. Don’t give out your bank/card details when registering for any survey website and the genuine sites will not expect you to pay to sign up to their website.

5) Sell goods online using sites like eBay and Amazon

You can sell anything and everything online. Amazon and eBay provide excellent platforms if you think you might be able to sell something for a profit, and eBay is particularly good for new sellers. To begin selling on eBay, you would need to register an account. It’s a good idea to acquire some positive feedback so that buyers feel more at ease to buy from you. This is easily done – buy some cheap items on eBay (you can buy things for as low as 99p) and as long as you pay promptly, you should receive positive feedback. Before buying lots of stock and spending your hard-earned money on goods that you may or may not be able to shift, you should have a rummage through your stuff at home and sell the things that you no longer need, whether they have been used before or not. Almost anything sells on eBay! If you are able to get hold of clothes and accessories from abroad and sell these for a profit, then you could become a successful online seller. Make sure you calculate postage costs and eBay fees correctly otherwise you could end up losing money instead of making it. Once you are well established on eBay or Amazon, you can even expand your business to your own online shop!

If you’re not a fan of the eBay/Amazon route, you could try selling your goods via a Facebook page and creating a customer base that way.

6) Sell On Your Own Website

It may seem daunting and near-impossible to run your own online business selling products, but it is a lot easier than you might think.

All you need is:

  • a domain name (or website address). I purchase my domain names from UK2.net.

  • a hosting account (which is where your website traffic will go. I use Hostgator to host my websites.

  • shopping cart software. You can get many for free, like OpenCart, and they are easy to set up. Some hosting companies have one-click setup for the most popular shopping carts.

Once you’ve set up your online store, all you need to do is add your products, promote them via social media, advertising or word-of-mouth and wait for the sales to come through. Note that it will take time to become established.

7) Create an eBook or Online Course

If you have expertise or interest in a particular area, then you can create an eBook or online course, and sell it online. If you have something worthwhile to share, people will buy it. Promote your eBook or online course via social media or a YouTube channel. Easily sell your eBooks on Amazon, or on your own blog/website.

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