Poundland and Poundworld Stationery Haul | Back to School 2017

Poundland and Poundworld Stationery Haul | Back to School 2017


In this post, I share some amazing items that I picked up in my latest Poundland and Poundworld stationery haul.

Yes, it’s that time. Back to school. Even though we aren’t even a fortnight into our Summer Holidays, parents and students are thinking about back to school shopping. Either by choice, or because the shops are advertising back to school offers to continuously remind us that the summer will not last forever. Although, admittedly, in the UK it doesn’t feel much like summer anyway – yes, I’m referring to the never-ending rain. But, we’ll save that for another post 🙂


So let’s have a look at some of the lovely stationery items I picked up. Poundland and Poundworld have really upped their game, especially when it comes to aesthetic appeal! Some of their stationery designs are downright beautiful, and all for just a quid.

The first thing I picked up is this Barbie-sized item – which is fully functional as a shopping trolley! It is actually a really cute desk tidy, and I can imagine hours of fun when I am bored at my desk, going “shopping” for rubbers and paper clips. My desk tidy is filled with 8 pieces from a neon mini stationery set, which are perfect for my shopping trips across my desk. Also from Poundland, they are the ideal size for your pencil case; no longer will you need to lug that giant stapler around in your backpack!

The next item from Poundland is this trendy academic desk calendar, with colourful inspirational quotes for each month. There were a few designs, but this one appealed to me. Inspirational quotes + bright colours = must buy!

I was truly spoilt for choice when it came to academic diaries, especially from Poundland. After many long minutes of deliberation, I finally settled on the academic diaries above, all from Poundland except the lovely peach flamingo one. Like I said, Poundland and Poundworld have got much trendier designs than they had in the past, and no longer would you feel ashamed to pull out your planner from Poundland. If you still need an academic diary for 2017/18, I would definitely recommend you check out Poundland/Poundworld (no they didn’t sponsor me to say that!)

Moving on to some super cute notebooks from Poundworld, I picked up this emoji notebook (being the hip and trendy older lady that I am), and this smiley fruit notebook with a matching pen (yes I said matching!). The emoji notebook is more of a daily planner with space for each day on every page.

Poundworld have a few lovely themes for their stationery, including this pineapple, Hawaiian theme (aloha!) I picked up this gorgeous ringbinder and A4 lined notebook, which will definitely motivate me on a rainy day in the UK.

Also, I picked up this three part desk tidy with the pineapple, flamingo theme from Poundworld. This was actually £1.50, and being the big spender that I am, I purchased it. Talk about adding colour and life to your desk!

I can’t share a stationery haul without showing you some pens. I purchased 2 packs of ballpoint pens (4 pens in each) from Poundworld. The best thing about these pens (the orange and green dotty ones) is the rubbery texture. A lovely little touch.

I hope you enjoyed this little stationery haul, and have fun picking up your back to school bits ‘n’ bobs for 2017. I’m off to play with my shopping trolley/desk tidy 🙂

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