Poundworld Haul August 2017

Poundworld Haul August 2017


In this post, I share a lovely lil Poundworld haul for August 2017. Yes the items are not the most exciting I have ever picked up from Poundworld, but they are certainly useful 🙂

1)Popcorn Individual Tubs (Pack of two for £1)

I have previously purchased huge popcorn tubs from Poundworld, but sometimes it’s nice to have individual tubs. I saw these and thought they were perfect. I picked up 3 lots, so that’s 6 popcorn tubs altogether.

2) Pack of 10 Clothes Hangers

I was basically running out of hangers.

3) Despicable Me 3 Pocket Tissues (Pack of 8)

Super cute for the kids’ backpacks, and maybe I’ll sneak one into my handbag.

4) Stainless Steel Serving Tongs

I’ve got a plastic set of serving tongs, which is not ideal for hot food, so was glad to spot this during my shop.

5) Shopping List Pad

This might be my favourite item from this month’s haul. The shopping list pad has 52 sheets, and I love that there are sections for each aisle. Should save me walking up and down every aisle a few times.

6) Cooke Cutters (6 Pieces)

An item I have seen many times but never actually purchased. I look forward to baking lots of cookies of various sizes.

7) Fragranced Pedal Bin Liners

I love these yellow, citrus fragranced bin liners, which are ideal for small pedal bins in the bathroom, or our small bedroom bin. The fragrance is not too strong, but they are a perfect size and convenient.

8) Phone Charging Stand

I spotted this little gadget and thought it looked useful. It’s meant to act as a stand for your phone while it charges, so it’s perfect if your charging cable is not too long or if you don’t have anywhere else to rest your phone while it charges. Let’s see whether it is actually useful, or if it’s completely useless as these kind of gadgets can sometimes disappoint.

And there you have my wonderful little Poundworld haul!

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