How to make Homemade Bounty Bars

How to make Homemade Bounty Bars

If coconut and chocolate is your thing, you will love these super easy and yummy homemade bounty bars.

Makes 12 | Preparation time: 20 mins | Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Ingredients Required:

340g Dark Chocolate (Chunks or Chips)
200g Sweetened Condensed Milk
225g Dessicated Coconut
60g Icing Sugar


1. Mix the sweetened condensed milk, desiccated coconut and icing sugar in a bowl using a large spoon.
2. Shape the mixture into rectangular bars (approx 6cm in length) or shape into round balls if you prefer. Dip your hands in water as you do this, as the mixture is quite sticky.
3. Chill in the fridge (on a large plate covered with baking paper) for approximately 30 minutes to allow the bars to set.
4. Melt the chocolate in a glass or metal bowl, by heating over a large pan of boiling water.
5. Once the bars have set, cover them in the melted chocolate by dipping them one by one into the bowl of chocolate.
6. Place on a wire rack or baking paper to cool.
7. Leave in fridge for 30 minutes or one hour to set.

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