How to make Cheesy Dough Balls

How to make Cheesy Dough Balls

These cheesy dough balls are crunchy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside, making them a fabulous snack or starter. They are also really easy to make.


Makes 36 balls | Preparation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes | Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients Required:
4 cups Plain Flour
2 teaspoons Dried Active Yeast
1 1⁄2 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt
375ml Water (Warm)
1⁄4 cup Olive Oil (Or similar)
3 cups Cheese (Grated)
Oil for frying


For the dough:

  1. Add the yeast, sugar and salt to a small bowl and give a little mix to the contents.
  2. Add the water into the bowl and mix together. Leave the yeast mixture for approximately 5 minutes (or until a layer of bubbles/foam can be seen on the top of the yeast mixture).
  3. Add the plain flour to a large bowl and create a well in the centre of the flour.
  4. Pour the yeast mixture and oil into the well of the flour, and mix together (using your hand or a spoon) to form a smooth dough. Add a little water if needed.
  5. Place the dough into a well-oiled bowl and cover with cling-film. Leave at room temperature for approximately 1 hour (or until dough has doubled in size).

For the cheesy dough balls:

  1. Roll the dough into small balls.
  2. Press the balls into a wide well, and place a generous pinch of cheese into the well.
  3. Wrap the dough around the cheese, and roll back into a ball carefully. It’s fine if a little cheese is exposed, as it will give the cheese dough balls a grilled cheese taste.
  4. Fry the cheesy dough balls in hot oil for approximately 3 minutes, or until they are a golden brown, turning once.
  5. Place on kitchen roll to drain.

Serve and enjoy 🙂

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