C. L. Taylor Is One Of My New Favourite Authors

C. L. Taylor Is One Of My New Favourite Authors

Within the space of a month, I have managed to read all four of C. L. Taylor’s gripping psychological thrillers. I loved every single one of them.

I first came across C. L. Taylor’s books in Asda. The cover of ‘The Escape’ caught my eye and having read the synopsis, I couldn’t wait to read it.

I love how each one of her thrillers is so different to each other. Some authors’ books become predictable when the plot is pretty much the same in each of their books.

My favourite C. L. Taylor book so far is ‘The Escape‘, as there were so many unexpected twists and turns. My next favourite is ‘The Lie‘, which explored the world of cultish organisations, and it had me gripped to the end.

If you love your psychological thrillers, you will love C. L Taylor’s books. I cannot wait ’til her next psychological thriller is released (pre-order ‘The Treatment‘ now).


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