How Much Money I Make On YouTube and Tips For New YouTubers

How Much Money I Make On YouTube and Tips For New YouTubers

In this post, I share how much money I make on YouTube, and offer some useful tips for new YouTubers

In my post 7 Ways To Make Money Online, I mention YouTube as a way of making money online. I have been posting videos on YouTube consistently for over 2 years. As well as my main channel where I share shopping hauls, meal ideas, lifestyle and advice videos, I have a vlog channel where I am currently uploading weekly vlogs (or video logs of my day-to-day activities), a separate recipe channel for mainly South Asian/Pakistani recipes, and a channel dedicated to sweet treats, as I love baking and sharing what I have baked.

The amount I will share with you was earned via Google Adsense in the month of May, and I received the payment towards the end of June. This amount does not include any money I made from affiliates/sponsorship etc.

As you can see, I earned over £450 for the month of May. Just over £5 of this was from my blog, and the rest was from my YouTube channels combined.

It is a decent side income and I hope it continues to increase inshaAllah (God willing), as I do put a lot of time and effort into my YouTube videos.

Please note that every YouTuber is different, therefore the amount that they earn on YouTube will differ immensely. The amount a YouTuber earns via Google Adsense depends on their individual CPM (or Cost Per Thousand) views, whether they have monetisation enabled on their videos, what kind of videos they are uploading, and whether their videos are advertiser-friendly.

It is important not to view YouTube as a full time job, because the amount earned per month fluctuates so dramatically. For example, over the holiday season, you can earn much more than over the summer months (when advertisers are not spending so much on advertising).

If you wish to ‘do YouTube full-time’, it is important to have multiple income streams, and to have a business around YouTube. Many YouTubers have suffered with the recent YouTube ad boycott (ad-pocalypse), and it has been a stark reminder that they cannot rely on income from YouTube, as it can be taken away overnight.

My Top Tips For New YouTubers

Although I do not have the biggest channels, I have gained some valuable experience over the past few years as I have built my YouTube channels, and I believe the following tips have really helped my channel(s) to grow:

  • Upload videos regularly and consistently

I noticed that my channel grew faster when I began uploading videos regularly and consistently to my channel. It is not enough to upload one video a week if you want to be a successful YouTuber (unless you are super talented). The more videos you upload, the more chance you have for your videos to be a success and for more people to view your videos. Not only does it give you channel more of a chance to be discovered, but it lets your subscribers know to expect you. I try to upload 3-5 videos per week to my channel. It is also important to remain fairly consistent in the type of videos you upload to your channel, but make sure that you have a passion for the kind of videos that you create.

  • Create videos that you enjoy filming and watching

It is important to upload videos that you enjoy creating, and that you would enjoy watching. If you wouldn’t enjoy watching your own videos, why would other people? Thinking like this will help you to come up with some amazing video ideas for your audience/subscribers.

  • Be unique/be yourself

Try not to copy other YouTubers, and try not put an act on, because it will soon be difficult to keep it up and your viewers will see right through it. Instead, be yourself and be unique.

  • Decent video/audio quality

Ensure that your videos have a decent video and audio quality. This does not mean that you should buy the latest camera and equipment…you can even shoot amazing videos on your phone. As you progress through your YouTube career, this should improve anyway.

All the best with your YouTube future 🙂

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