5 Free Activities to Enjoy in the Summer

5 Free Activities to Enjoy in the Summer

In this post I am going to share five free activities that you can enjoy this summer.
With our grocery and energy bills going through the roof, some of us don’t have as much money left over for leisure activities. So if we can enjoy a few free fun days out this summer, it will make our lives easier.

1. Day out at the park

The first free activity you can enjoy this summer is a day out at the park. Nature is free and beautiful. Everyone has at least two or three local parks, and most parks have something for everyone, including kids play areas.
One of our local parks that we visit regularly has beautiful scenic walking pathways, tennis courts, a football pitch, two kids play areas (one for older kids and one for babies and toddlers), a lake with lots of ducks and geese and even turtles. It also has a cafe. So especially on a hot and sunny day, you can really spend a good few hours at the park. Pack a picnic, make sure you have plenty of water and something for shade if it’s too hot. Parks sometimes run activities and classes so check your local park’s website and get involved.

2. Trip to the museum

The second free activity you can enjoy this summer is a trip to the museum. In the UK, free entrance to museums is standard practice, although some exhibitions may require an entrance free.
I have heard that it costs to visit museums in America and Canada, which I find baffling, because here in the UK that’s one thing we don’t need to pay for. One museum we love to visit is Manchester Museum. It was closed for refurbishment for about a year I think, and I was so excited for it to reopen which it did recently, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and can’t wait to visit again at least once this summer. They have lots of exciting things to see, including mummies, dinosaur fossils, live animals including toads, a chameleon and a snake which I don’t love (but appreciate). The museum recently added a section dedicated to South Asian culture and the contribution South Asians have made to the UK which is fascinating. One wonderful facility that Manchester Museum has added is a prayer room, and I did read a sign to say that they will be adding ablution facilities in the near future. Another excellent museum in Manchester is the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), which is really educational and fun and hopefully we can visit this summer at least once also. I think all museums have a gift shop and an option to give donations, which I would recommend if you have a few spare pennies, since they are providing such amazing days out and facilities for free.

3. Fun day at the beach

The third free summer activity is a trip to the beach. If there’s one thing you associate with summer, it’s a trip to the beach, and the best thing is that the beach is free. You may have to pay for parking or public transport, but you can spend whole days at the beach on a hot day. Enjoy an ice cream, indulge in fish and chips; and your kids can build sandcastles and splash about in the water. Summers in the UK are unpredictable, but if you check the weather forecast beforehand and get to the beach on a gorgeously dry and warm day, you could have the best day ever. The closest beach to us is Blackpool beach which is about an hour and a half drive away, but definitely worth the trip. Nothing beats being near the ocean and feeling that sea breeze on your skin. If you can’t get to an actual beach, some shopping centres have fake beaches for the summer. I think the Trafford Centre has done something similar in the past.

4. Visit to the library

The fourth free activity for summer is a visit to the library. If you know anything about me, you will know that I love the library. Fun fact: I wanted a part-time job as a librarian when I was younger. I have a habit of borrowing library books, renewing them over and over again until I have reached my renewal limit and returning them without reading them. Libraries are wonderful places, full of history and knowledge. They are free to visit and free to borrow books from. You just need to sign up for a library card and then you can borrow books to your hearts content. You can also borrow other media like dvds but they might have an extra charge. During the summer, Manchester libraries run a summer reading challenge for kids, and they give a pack with a medal and stickers for free to kids who borrow six books over the summer. If you live in another city, town or country, check your local library for activities and events. Some libraries have cafes, computers that you can use for free and loads more facilities. Manchester central library has a nice area for kids and they have storytimes for toddlers and babies so it’s a great way for mums to get out and meet other mums.

5. Visit to the art gallery

The fifth summer activity you can enjoy for free is a trip to the art gallery. Similar to museums, most art galleries are free entry. Appreciate the art and culture on display while you enjoy a day out with your family. We visited the Whitworth art gallery recently and it was interesting to look at the art on display. They also have a cafe which is great to relax in. If you are on a budget, there is a Poundland and Lidl right across the gallery, as well as a park adjoining it. So you can grab some cheap treats to enjoy outside the art gallery on a lovely day in the summer.

So there are five activities that you can enjoy during summer for free. Can you think of any other free activities to enjoy this summer? Make sure you leave them in the comments.

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