Trying Sweets From My Childhood

Trying Sweets From My Childhood

In this post I share some of my favourite sweets from my childhood.

I grew up in the 90’s and enjoyed some delicious sweets (or candy) in my childhood. The highlight of my day was popping to the corner shop to get a bag of my favourite sweets in a white paper bag. Not much has changed – I now get the same kick from going to Asda.

Chocolate Nibbles

Chocolate nibbles were one of my all time favourite snacks growing up. The soft, nougaty chocolate covered in icing sugar gave me many joyous afternoons. I used to love buying choc nibbles from the local shop and walking back home munching on them. Yes they were finished by the time I got home 🙂

Choc Dips

The combination of biscuit sticks and chocolate dip was genius – whoever came up with such a concept deserves a prize. Choc dips was definitely another of my favourite snacks. I would make sure that I had enough chocolate for all my biscuit sticks, and I loved having extra chocolate dip left over at the end to lick clean.

Double Dip

Double dip is such a nostalgic sweet for me – the compartments for the different flavoured sugar powder and the swizzelstick! Memories!

Chocolate Ice Cups

I was so excited when I saw chocolate ice cups on one of my shopping trips last year. I couldn’t believe that they were still in production. I remember buying these individually, and yes I would take them home in a white paper bag. Peeling the foil off to reveal the lovely smooth chocolate – pure joy!

Wham Bars

Wham bars and other similar chewy bars are made to destroy your teeth as I discovered at around age ten. Not that it stopped me from buying them again – who can resist the stretchy, sweet chewiness? Not me. Whenever I have these bars I am taken back to the time I was walking home from school with my friends enjoying an Irn Bru bar when I felt something rock hard as I chewed. What was it you ask? My tooth. It had literally ripped out my tooth. Did I finish the Irn Bru bar? Of course 🙂

Strawberry Bon Bons

Looking through this list, I was clearly partial to powdery sweetness, or maybe that’s what was popular in the 90’s. Strawberry bon bons were so yummy, I loved making my way through the powdery strawberry layer to get to the strawberry toffee which tasted so good. Sadly, I couldn’t find any strawberry bon bons on my latest trip to the shops, but I did manage to find some Vimto Bon Bons which gave me a little of the enjoyment I used to experience.

Love Hearts

If you grew up in the 90’s, you didn’t have a childhood unless you had love hearts. I am glad to see that they have made a bit of a comeback. Looking back, some of the messages on the sweets were a bit cringe, but my teenage self loved them. They were loads of fun, and I would anticipate the messages that I would get in my packet of love hearts – oh the excitement.

Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba was a delicious chewing gum and there were some yummy flavours back in the day. I managed to find some ‘Seriously Strawberry’ Hubba Bubbas, and the sweet juiciness of the chewing gum took me right back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and taking a trip down memory lane with me 🙂

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